A research on distance psychoanalysis

Remote Therapy Research

Remote Theraphy: Risks And Opportunities

Please Click Here to access the report of the Remote Therapy Research funded with a grant of the IPA' Fund awarded to Dr. Analy Werbin by the ​IPA's Committee for Evaluation of Research Proposals

We encourage readers to submit papers on Remote Therapy addressing and analyzing the impact of the incremental use of online technologies in remote psychotherapies. Papers received (in favor or critical to remote therapies) will be posed here as a way to understand how psychoanalysts should be prepared and trained to face these challenges in a world where over 2 billion people (over 30% of the worldwide population) are using converging technologies over the Internet almost on a daily base in all kind of routines and interpersonal relations. We also look for papers exploring why this new cyber culture impacts on psychoanalysis and how the analytical process should be adjusted when online therapies are offered to some patients in certain given conditions. 

To submit a paper please send it by email to Dr Analy Werbin, remotetherapyresearch@gmail.com